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How to Install Docker on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) 2 Windows 10

Now Windows Subsystem for Linux or known as WSL already support with Docker, it is very helpful for me in software development process. Nowadays, container based technology is a must to have for every software developers. I’ve already used Docker for development process on my machine. Since WSL2 released, i’m install this tool and moving to it for development purpose. Docker is helpful for me because I don’t need to install any software for development like XAMPP, LEMP or LAMP, etc.

Get started blogging with Hugo

Hello world, if you Indonesian maybe some of you have read my writings on other blogs. This time I will start to blogging again on this domain which was taken away because it was included in the auction site. In 2013, I used this domain, but in the 2015’s this domain had expired and entered the domain auction site. The platform I used before was Blogger. In my opinion, Blogger is good enough, but due to some updates I am reluctant to use it again.